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47) Negotiations November 28

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

The ACCCEA Unity Negotiations Team met with the Administration representatives 3:30 November 28. The Culinary contract was up first. In general, Joe Rossi is looking for major changes in the contracts so that people will be required to work any time, doing anything, at any place without overtime pay. I know members would like to know if we are close to finishing. I would like to know that also. We may have made some progress with the Culinary contract, but we may not have too. As Dom was presenting our position, Joe responded with light-hearted sarcastic remarks. His mood was a little better than last time so maybe that is

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progress. After Dom’s presentation, the administration’s team left the room. We discussed the Culinary contract and Joe’s comments. Nick Ganaway and Heather Peterson were prepared to give ACCCOSAP’s reply to the last administrative contract proposals. Dom went to Joe’s office to call Joe to the table. In stead Joe wanted to meet with Dom, Nick, and Heather in Joe’s office and Joe made a proposal. There might have been movement on a non-language issue, but money is still an issue. Joe is hinting that if we are willing to sacrifice quality of life and give management more flexibility in scheduling, there could be more money.

At 5:30 I left to teach. Other team members went downstairs in J-Building where ACCCEA members were demonstrating. Others went over to the greenhouse on campus where the Board members were eating. I just received a message from the reporter from the Cape May County Herald who covered the meeting. I must have accidentally deleted her number so I can’t call her back. She reported she spoke with John Stratton. I can’t give her any more information than John can. We are not going to accept an increase in the work week, give-backs in health care benefits, or a salary increase much less than the cost of living increase in this area. Other than those issues, we are practically done.

Thank you all for showing up and letting the Board

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know we are unhappy about working without a contract.

The next negotiations session is December 5 at 11:30. The Faculty contract will be on the table first. In addition, we will do another group, if time permits. Will Parsons, Coordinator for the Unity Negotiations Team

46) Show up Tomorrow 5:30-6:00 J-Building

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Please support your ACCCEA Negotiating Team by showing up in J-Building 5:30 to 6:00 for tomorrow night’s Board Meeting on the Mays Landing campus. The formal meeting starts at 7:00 pm but members arrive early for committee meetings. Registration is going on so we may be gathering upstairs in the lobby.

The Action Council met today at 5:30 to discuss further job actions. Apparently after I left last Tuesday, Joe returned to the bargaining table and said he is not budging on his demands. We are not at stalemate yet, but we are getting close. Joe Rossi is holding up settlement for his own personal gains. It appears that Pete Mora has let go of the reins.

At 3:30 tomorrow, members of the Unity Negotiations Team are meeting at the table for negotiations. It could be that there will be significant progress tomorrow. If not, we are planning a job action this Thursday. I sincerely hope we settle. We could have settled months ago. Will Parsons, Coordinator for the Unity Negotiations Team

45) Action Council to Meet

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

The negotiations teams met Tuesday, November 21, at 3:30 in the Board Room to negotiate the Support Staff contract. Both sides reviewed the items on the table to make sure there was agreement on which items have been settled and which are still on the table. Of course nothing is final until the educators and the Board of Trustees ratify the contract agreed to at the table. There have been times when we thought that there was agreement and Joe has said, “No, that was part of a package and you did not agree to the whole package.” There was at least one time we thought there was agreement, but Joe said that, “That was not a formal proposal – that was just casual discussion.” What we are doing is not straight line negotiating where people have their eye on the prize. It is two steps forward, one step back, twirl, two steps forward and two steps to the side. Then Dom went over the Support Staff proposal noting our position on the issues. Our position was not substantially changed from the time before. Dom has repeated to Joe many times that we do not intend to agree to the changes in working conditions that he is asking for. One example is the 96 hours a week being on call. We have a mature contract. It is working. We are not asking for major changes. After Dom finished presenting our position, Joe, Cindy, and Karen left the room. After about a half an hour, Joe stuck his head into the Board Room and asked to see Dom in his office. Much of the negotiating occurs in Joe’s office. It is not unusual for the chief negotiators to meet privately when the teams are close to closure to try to informally agree on the final issues. It is unusual to have so much negotiation in private all through the process. Joe expressed to Dom his displeasure at the fact that we were not agreeing to his proposals. No other College in New Jersey has the changes in working conditions that he is asking for. I think he is trying to make a name for himself in New Jersey so that he can move on to a President’s position somewhere. I had to leave before the administration’s team came back. I teach in Cape May Tuesday nights. When I returned home I had email messages from two faculty negotiators saying that we need to call a meeting of the Action Council. I have not talked with anyone, but that indicates things did not go well after I

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left. I assume Joe came back and took away some of

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had agreed to. It is a shame that Pete is not willing to lean on this guy

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so that we can settle. Will Parsons, Unity Negotiations Coordinator

44) Reverse Progress on Culinary Contract

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

On Tuesday, November 7 at 1:00 pm, we began negotiating

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the Culinary contract and achieved reverse progress. When we presented our proposals, there were no real changes from the last time. We pretty much want to keep the status quo. Joe acted angry and canadian pharmacyonce a day cialis reviewsbuy viagra online usaviagra next day delivery usa

left. Two hours later he returned to take away three items we had already agreed on and to add a new item to take away benefits. Then at 5:30 we presented the faculty proposals with virtually no changes. I had to leave to teach so I was not there. I am told that Joe’s mood was better and that there were “off-the-record” discussions and no official progress. There will be no negotiations next week. The next negotiations will be Tuesday, November 21 at 3:30 for the Support Staff contract. Joe will be leaving for a Board meeting by 5:30. We purposely started late to cut down on the dead time. Some of us have developed calluses for sitting for hours doing nothing. The Emergency Action Council meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled to see what happens during the November 21 negotiations. Will Parsons, Coordinator for the Unity Negotiations Team

43) On Call Ninety-six Hours a Week

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

I have received emails from ACCC employees pointing out how being on call ninety-six

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week would make their lives miserable. It would interfere with taking classes, volunteering at scouts, being able to take kids to practice, working a second job, and it is stressful. People agree to work a particular shift and they build their lives around that time. We have no intention to agreeing to be on call to work almost any time of the week. Not to worry, but don’t expect us to come back with a contract soon unless that stuff falls off the table. Will Parsons, Unity Negotiations Team Coordinator