What is ACCCEA all about?

Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association Mission Statement


  • Unity
  • Democracy
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect


Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association’s mission is to promote our core values of Unity, Democracy, Integrity, Accountability and Respect. We strive to promote student success and opportunities for a quality educational experience that enriches the lives of our students and colleagues as well as advances the economic growth of the community.

  •  Meet the needs of our members with regards to wages, working conditions and terms of employment.
  •  Make a positive difference in the lives of our members, students and community.
  •  Meet the needs of our students and our community through professionalism, caring and outreach programs.

A New Direction

In 2011 ACCCEA took on a new direction of increased transparency, member involvement, community service and increased focus on student success.

ACCCEA officers have enhanced the unity of the bargaining units by holding regular meetings to discuss items of importance. These items stretch across the units, allowing us to work on issues that may impact all members while fostering a strong bond of our respective units. Officers share experiences and suggestions to assist in creating the best working and learning environment for our students and members.

ACCCEA frequently sends its officers for training and to conferences to learn and share experiences with other Higher Education institutions concerning contract enforcement, bargaining, negotiations, and student success initiatives as well as many other items pertinent to our mission. Many of our officers are involved in committees outside the college within the purview of NJEA and NEA.

Members of ACCCEA are actively involved in clubs and social activities for students and the community both within and external to the college.

ACCCEA sponsors holiday parties, picnics and other social gatherings. We strive to enhance the “family unit” of Atlantic Cape Community College.